West Texas Congressman to Lead House Trump-Russia Investigation

A West Texas Congressman is now in charge of the U.S. House investigation in to any ties between Russia and President Donald Trump’s Campaign.

“Representative Mike Conaway–a Senior Member of the (House Intelligence) Committee will now lead this investigation” House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday after Committee Chairman Devin Nunes decided to step aside after weeks of intense scrutiny.

Nunes had come under fire for traveling to the White House to brief the President on the investigation–without telling other members oft he Committee.

“I’m confident that he (Conaway) will oversee a professional investigation in to Russia’s actions” Ryan said.

One of Nunes’ biggest critics has been the Committee’s top Democrat–who sounded upbeat after the change was announced.

“It will I think allow us to have a fresh start moving forward” Congressman Adam Schifff said, adding “I look forward to working with Mr. Conaway.”



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