What Does Orlando Mean to Me?

As the shock wears away–what should I make of the shooting rampage Sunday Morning in Orlando?

That’s a question you might be asking in the aftermath of the attack.

“This is lesson number fifty-five–what we need to learn is something we haven’t learned yet” St. Mary’s University School of Law Terrorism Expert Dr. Jeffrey Addicott told KTSA News, pointing to what he said is a failed terrorism strategy–that starts directly at the top with President Barack Obama.

“We need to concentrate on resources to identify these people–who they are, what they are doing–and, with the assistance of the Muslim Community to root them out” Addicott said.

In the meantime, Addicott said it’s up to all of us to take responsibility for our own security.

“I would go to a nightclub that has armed guards. I would first question–do you guys have armed guards here? Nope. Go to another nightclub” Addicott said.

He also said voters need to take a closer look at their ballots in the weeks ahead.

“Since we’re in an election year, I would vote for the Candidate who’s going to take the bull by the horns, and has the courage to address this issue that nobody seems to want to address” Addicott said.


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