What’s Next After the Police Contract Vote?

Relationship building…the focus after the San Antonio City Council approves the new police contract.

It passed 9-2. Mayor Ivy Taylor thought she’d want to celebrate, but “I really have mixed emotions,” she said, just after the vote and emotional testimony Thursday.

Members of the community, at least one city councilman, and others have voiced concerns recently about a lack of accountability reform in this contract.

“We know that, through working together collaboratively, we can improve those relationships and minimize and hopefully eliminate those incicidents that have caused concerns amongst community members,” she said.

“I think it’s important that we have a great working relationship with our community,” SAPOA President Mike Helle said. “We want to have a relationship with our community that we aren’t telling our children that you need to be afraid of the police officer; the policeman needs to be someone that you can go to whenever you need help.”

Councilman Ron Nirenberg hopes this dialogue happens.

“Hopefully, it leads to some solutions, but that was completely separate from what the dialogue was about the contract reforms,” he said.

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