When You Lower Your Expectations…

Despite the fairly obvious yearnings of the gun control crowd for a preachable moment, the UCLA shooting is said to have been a murder-suicide. Brace yourself, we might get through this one without an Obama lecture.

The AP says a well-regarded young professor, and father of two small children, was shot and killed by a male student. KNX Radio reports a source saying it was the student’s despondency over grades. The shooter took his own life, and may have left a note.

Elsewhere, the Aldine, TX ISD is reeling from the arrest of a 24-year-old female middle school English teacher who was “continually sexually abusing” a 13 year-old student of hers. KPRC says she got pregnant by the 8th-grader, and was known to his family as his “girlfriend”. Even approved of it. She really threw herself at this kid.

Not that such things as UCLA and Aldine have never happened before, but I wonder if they’re going to be happening more…and more. When you raise the “participation trophy” generation—precious snowflakes, “self-esteem”, my-kid-can-do-no-wrong—won’t you see more immaturity and selfishness in the adult product?

You’d be lucky if you didn’t. Most likely, we will reap what we sow.


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