A whole new meaning to “public service”

The First Lady of Maine, Ann LePage, would like to top off your coffee and see if you’d like dessert.

Tourism is big in Maine, and cost of living is high. So it’s not unusual for people of all ages to pick up summer work.

But if you stop by McSeagull’s Restaurant in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, this summer (and I recommend the fried clams), your server might be none other than Governor Paul LePage’s better half. LePage is the nation’s lowest paid governor, at $70K in a state where the average family income is closer to ninety. So the missus is waitressing, as we used to call it before the P.C. scourge.

Remember, everything up there is much more expensive than San Antonio.

So, I think this is a good start.

But I’d like to see the guv himself don an apron, or maybe drive an island ferry boat. If pols lived in our world, maybe they’d respect it a little more.

Or as a friend of mine used to say: If governing is your full-time job, you’re doing it wrong.



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