Wide Ranging Poll Finds Strong Divides in Texas

A wide-ranging new poll finds some deep divides among Texans in considering the hot-button issues of today.

By the numbers, Texans clearly feel immigration is the number one issue facing the Lone Star State today.

“A majority… 59% oppose building a border wall despite widespread concern about immigration in the State” the Texas Lyceum Poll’s Josh Blank told KTSA News, adding the survey found Republicans in the State are more likely to support the plans for a wall as opposed to Democrats.

That same breakdown could be seen in a number of other immigration-related issues as well.

“A slight majority… 51% (overall) oppose banning individuals from a country with a history of terrorism from entering the U.S.–compared to 40% who support it” Blank said.

All in all, more Texans than not do take a positive view of immigration.

“54%–a majority actually think immigration helps the U.S. more than it hurts it” Blank said.

A similar divide is also seen when it comes to another hot-button issue… transgender students and the bathrooms they use in schools.

“Overall, a majority of Texas adults–54%–said they should use the facilities that match their birth gender” Blank said.

There’s also some very sharp contrast on the topic of police discrimination.

“51% of black adult Texans say they have experienced such a situation–compared to only 23% of Hispanics, and only 6% of whites” Blank said.

The same poll also shows a majority of Texans remain opposed to a medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. It also finds most believe ride shares such as Uber and Lyft should be regulated like the taxicab industry–but a majority said that regulation should be taking place locally–not dictated by the Texas Legislature.

There is one issue in which perhaps a surprising number of Texans are in agreement.

“When we asked people do you think you should have to present an ID in order to vote–broadly speaking–people agree” Blank said, though pointing out the recently struck down Texas Voter ID Law remains polarizing.



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