What Will Donald Trump Mean for the LGBT Community?

We’ve heard a lot of concerns from groups representing gay Americans about how the Trump Presidency will have a negative impact on their lives.

We’ve also heard from a group that says give Trump a chance.

Chuck Smith at Equality Texas tells us he’s worried that Trump will tamper with laws that protect the rights of gay Americans and members of the LGBT Community.

Then there’s Larry Thrash. He’s with the Log Cabin Republicans of San Antonio, a group that represents gay conservatives.

He says he was asked to give Barrack Obama a chance and he’s asking Donald Trump be given the same opportunity.

“Let’s give him a chance and see what he’s going to do for us. Don’t criticize before you actually see what’s going to happen.”

Thrash says Trump didn’t campaign on issues concerning only gay Americans and he believes the President-Elect will lead the country in the right direction.

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