They Will Try Anything Over “Terrorism”

It would almost be funny, if not so sad, dysfunctional and dangerous.

The “gay revenge narrative” for Omar Mateen, the butcher of Orlando, is just not working out.

Despite torrid tales of multiple lovers, love triangles, various hook-up apps, it turns out that the FBI is coming up dry in establishing that he was gay. At all.

A secret life wouldn’t have stayed secret from the feds, and despite all efforts, they’re not finding it. The guy who came forward to tell-all to TMZ is said to be “not credible” to law enforcement.

Maybe in time, it will turn up something. If it doesn’t, those propagating it have done a disservice to gay Americans.

But right now, those who want (or need) this to be about something other than radical Islamist terrorism have struck out.

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