What Will TX Elector’s Decision Mean?

The New York Times recently published an op-ed piece about a Texas Electoral College member who openly claimed to not cast his ballot for Donald Trump.

University of Houston Political Science Professor, Brandon Rottinghaus, explains what this means for current state of affairs and the future of the electoral college, “I think mathematically it doesn’t mean much, but symbolically it could mean something.”

Rottinghaus, doesn’t believe that this single defection is likely to make a difference in the results of the election, but it will spark questions about the aged process, such as “what the electoral college does and whether or not these individuals should have a greater say in who gets elected and or whether it should be directly elected by the people.”

Although the issue isn’t set to be of superior importance when the electors convene on December 19th, it is clear that amongst the American people, “there’s an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the electoral college and there will be some discussion on how to tweak it.”



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