Wind, Gas Cheapest U.S. Energy Sources

A new University of Texas study on the cheapest power sources found in the United States just might surprise you.

Researchers have found wind and gas are the cheapest right now–followed by nuclear and solar energy.

“We tried to be as objective as possible. We tried to present information in a way that can facilitate discussions” Carey King at the Energy Institute at the University of Texas said, adding researchers did what they could to cut through all of the politics that typically surround these types of discussions.

“A lot of times, people read articles in which they are told the cost of something is X and the cost of this alternative is Y. Sometimes, one person’s cost is another person’s subsidy… so how can we phrase these kinds of things?” King asked, admitting there are a lot of factors that go in to the final results.

“Roughly half or slightly less than half of the cost that goes in to your bill. The transmission and distribution grid are a considerable part of the cost that ends up on your bill as well” King said.

As for the traditionally inexpensive to burn coal, recent added regulations have been serving to steadily drive the cost of burning it up.


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