Wolff Delivers “State of the County” Address

By Don Morgan

Judge Nelson Wolff delivered his “State of the County” address to the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce on Monday.

While he does this every year, those in attendance anticipate the update from the long serving County Judge.

His speech focused heavily on the number of jobs created in the past year and how thousands more are anticipated in the next 12 months.

He talked a bit about the process of inviting companies to set up shop here and how it’s important to not “mortgage the future” in order to bring jobs to the city.

The Judge mentioned how many billions of dollars some cities have pledged in order to get Amazon to locate their second headquarters into their communities and how he felt is was a bad idea to do that here.

While San Antonio stopped pursuing the online retailer, he did take something away form the process. He said they were able to highlight several key things the city needs to work on.

They included a stronger workforce, air transportation, better public transportation and roads and the need for top tier research facilities and cultural amenities.

The Judge also commented on the need for the private sector companies to create more intern and training programs, an increased effort to train high school students for the jobs available in Bexar County and how there needs to be a stronger fight against the opioid epidemic impacting the region.

About 1,000 people were in attendance for the Judge’s address.



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