I Wonder What Would The Seventeen-Year-Old Me Would Do?

When I was 17, I was getting ready to graduate high school, but all I could think about was college.

I didn’t want or need a “gap year”.

My sights were set on a journalism degree from Boston University, with an eye toward being a print or radio reporter. No one could’ve dissuaded me (although concerned relatives tried). Four years later, I had the degree, and was working in the field.

Yes, even then, it was mostly lefty editorial boards and editors, convinced of post-Watergate righteousness and detente-style appeasement. My conservative politics made me a newsroom oddity. But there was room and respect for the differences, always.

Nowadays, I wonder why that 17-year-old would choose the degree or apply for the jobs.

What Trump-hating liberals and elitists have done to journalism will change the profession for a long time.

In place of journalism as it was taught by my professors, and practiced in our class assignments, we have an obscenely-smug crusade , a preening fraternity/sorority of people who are proud of being out-of-touch with the lives of their consumers.

Journalistic professionalism meant the New York Times style book said never use a person’s last name without “Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms.”.

Now it means you think you’re the real Electoral College.

The only hope—truly the only—for traditional journalism, before it’s relegated to museum displays and old war-stories, is newsroom diversity. Not in the usual sense, but politically.

You want to write for Everyman? Then he needs to be on your team.  A women’s magazine wouldn’t make it with only male editors and contributors.  Is there room for conservatives? Christians? Republicans? Bueller?

The fix would take decades, at least. Even so, I have to wonder who the saviors will be.

Why would a young conservative pursue a journalism degree or job today?



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