A “Wrappin'” Idea: Something We Take For Granted


I don’t know about you, but it seemed like I dragged out every pot, pan and plate last Thursday to cook that Thanksgiving dinner.

And, on any given night, you pull out a pot for soup or chili, or a kettle or a skillet—we take for granted that we can reach into a kitchen cabinet and have the right item.

Now imagine trying to feed a hungry family without those things. 

Yes, many of the families served by Family Service Association could really use a set of, let’s say, three pots/lids. Or dishes. A few forks/knives/spoons. You can get them most anywhere.

The things we take for granted, the things that have always been there when we reached for them.

Would you consider buying these items and donating them or bringing them with you on December 5th, for our 19th annual “Wrappin’ With Jack” presented by Quarter Moon? Click here for details.

You could make such a difference to a mom or dad, and their kids.

We only have a few days left and I need your help. Thank you.



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