Could Zika Virus Threaten Us?

The Zika Virus is a problem elsewhere, but should we be concerned in the United States?

“I’m not too concerned, as long as people are getting tested,” San Antonio Metro Health Doctor Anil Mangla said.

Those people are those who have traveled to known areas where the Zika Virus is present. It’s a mosquito-borne virus.

“We don’t have the virus here, so anybody who is traveling, the CDC has announced about 14 South American countries, to be very careful of not getting bit by mosquitos,” he said.

If you are bitten elsewhere by an infected mosquito, you then become a carrier of the virus.

“So they get bit internationally, that means the virus is in them,” Mangla said. “They come back to the mainland United States and our local mosquito gets to bite them, then that mosquito becomes contaminated, or has the virus.”

And that mosquito bites someone else, who carries it, and repeat. That’s how the virus spreads.

The symptoms, Mangla said, are similar to the flu.


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