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    Jack Riccardi

    Jack's Top 20 Horror Flicks for Halloween

    Definitive? No. What I'll be watching? Yes. 20.) Night of the Living Dead (1968) Even better knowing...



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    Dave Ramsey

    Dave Says: Hope is a good thing

    What is the main difference between people who follow your plan, stick with it and succeed, and...

    Going in style

    You’ve made the decision to leave your job. You’re almost out the door, and on your way...

    Dave Says: Protect against inflation?

    All the talk on the news about inflation is a little scary.

    Lars Larson

    How Much Money Are You Willing To Put Towards Fighting Climate Change?

    The left’s constant chants to “fight climate change” calls for a lot of changes that would cost.....

    High Price For Criticizing Biden & The Military

    Was the U.S marine who spoke out on social media against the Biden administration’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.....

    A Marine Has Been Fined Thousands For Daring To Question Joe Biden

    After criticizing America’s bumbler-in-chief in some YouTube videos, Lt Col Stu Scheller was thrown into the brig.....

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