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    Is it fall when the calendar says so, or when the weather says so?

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    Dave Ramsey

    Dave Says: Think of an emergency fund as insurance

    I have decided it’s time to get control of my money.

    Dave Says: Is umbrella coverage worth it?

    Are umbrella insurance policies worth it, or do they just entice people to sue more frequently?

    Lars Larson

    As Biden’s Foreign Policy crumbles, his border crisis hasn’t got any better

    Rather than secure the border, the Biden Administration wants to censor Fox News for covering his failure.....

    Clinton lawyer indicted for lying to ⁦FBI ⁩in Trump-Russia probe

    Lars kicks off today’s Radio Northwest Network (09/17/2021) by sharing with you the latest information on John.....

    “Woke” Teachers Don’t Give Your Kids An Education Their New 3 Rs: Revolution, Rebellion & Racism

    If you still send your kids to public schools be forewarned:  too many teachers believe they own.....

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