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    Dave Ramsey

    Dave Says: It may be time to sell the car

    We have a 2008 Honda Accord that needs a new timing chain.

    Dave Says: Dad already made the decision

    My father-in-law passed away earlier this year. Since then, my wife and I have faced a dilemma...

    Dave Says: You have to change

    Is debt consolidation a good way to get out of debt?

    Lars Larson

    Ted Wheeler Would Rather You Be Victimized Than Accept Reality

    Political correctness kills.  That’s the bottom line to Portland’s massive murder numbers. Portland is on track to.....

    Is Hunter Biden really under a federal investigation?

    FBI Director Christopher Wray was called by the Senate Judiciary Committee to talk about Hunter Biden, will.....

    How bad is catalytic converter theft right now?

    Catalytic converters can be worth a ton of cash, so of course criminals have been stealing them.....

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