Reps Prepare Border Security “Invoice”

The Obama Administration could expect a big bill from the State of Texas during its final days at the White House–if a group of Texas State Representatives got their way.

“Over the past four years, Texas–both at the State and local level–has spent $2.8-billion on law enforcement, health care, education and incarceration (as a result of) the federal government’s failure to secure their border” State Representative Greg Bonnen said Wednesday.

“I’m not here to debate whether it is worthwhile to educate children who are immigrants who are here illegally–and whether we should provide care to those who show up at our hospitals and clinics” Bonnen added.

It’s a stance that has drawn support from many of Bonnen’s colleagues–including State Representative Tim Parker.

“The State of Texas is not of course as we all know swimming today in tax revenue” Parker said.

Bonnen and others are hoping the pretend invoice will help motivate the incoming Trump Administration to begin paying more of the costs of securing the Southern Border.

“The invoice we have prepared to the cost of federal inaction… we will forward to the Obama Administration” Bonnen said.



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