TREY’s TAKE on The Cowboys Season

Alright, Alright, Alright.

Great season Dallas Cowboys! Keep your heads up and don’t dwell on yesterday. There isn’t anything in the rear view mirror you want. It’s all ahead. And man, the future’s so bright I AM wearing shades.

Dak, Zeke, and the Boys were magnificent – all year. Until they ran into the BEST player in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers is on top of his, everybody else’s game.

The Cowboys have so much to look forward to. Yesterday was a great “teachable moment” which they can use to build for next year, their first year without Tony Romo.

I fully expect he will be gone soon. I love Tony. Think he’s one of the best ever – but you don’t go back now.

Proud of you, Cowboys!

Get some rest, play some golf, stay out of the strip clubs, and get ready for fall 2017.





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