TREY’s TAKE: Do You Wonder What Pop Is Up To? Maybe Nothing, Or Maybe…

Pop sure has been vocal about the new Trump administration.

This past weekend, right before the Spurs played the Champs (Cavs), Pop figured he would spend another minute or two commenting on President Trump.

This time Pop said no one can believe anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth.

Here’s what I wonder – is Pop prepping us for a political future of his own?

Of course, he has first amendment rights and can comment on anything he wishes! And of course, he can do so at any time – even right before he coaches the Spurs against the world Champs!

People have said, “Well Pop is only answering reporter’s questions.”

I get that, but he is also free to not answer those questions. He refuses to answer all kinds of questions all the time.

He just might be so upset at the election outcome that he feels compelled to speak out at every opportunity.

I don’t know. But, I do wonder if he’s planning something else.

President Pop.

How do you like that one?



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