Cool Poems by Sean Rima #2.

Just an ordinary Sunday
in San Antonio.

The cop stands in
the middle of Bandera,
guiding the cars of the faithful
into the parking lot of the
large church,
where scattered
groups of Mexicans
and white folks are
forming ant lines into
a metal building
that looks
like a factory,

and I am
sitting in my
car at the gas station
next door, smoking Pall
Malls, and listening
to a Country
music station,
me mumbling prayers
to Saint Jude hanging
from my neck, in
this moveable
where Jesus
bleeds Big Red,
and the Host
is a fresh
barbacoa taco,
wrapped in tinfoil,
and offered be-
neath a glowing
red lamp,

and it’s just an
ordinary Sunday
in my world, until the
commercials end, and
the ordinary slips away,

as Dolly Parton sings,

“I Will Always Love You,”

and I just fucking lose it,

thinking of my old

mother’s voice on
the phone, weeping like
a little girl as she holds

his hand

in the dark.




Last stand haiku.

My bachelorhood
was the Alamo, over-
run by Mexicans.




Laundry day.

The rain in South Texas
is a rare and cleansing thing,
the gift of water
returning to the earth
and washing away the dust
and dirt and bullshit we
the gift of water
quenching our thirst,
the gift of water
splashing our faces,
the gift of water
flowing from our eyes
in sadness
and in laughter,
the gift of water
carrying our ships
around the globe to
far-off mystical
places like
Japan and India
and Corpus Christi,
the gift of water
giving us places to swim
and strengthen our hearts
and muscles and lungs,
the gift of water,
after the spin cycle,
making my old
black tee shirts
good as new, for
the rain in South Texas
is a rare and cleansing thing,
not to mention you can end
any poem with the words
In The Rain,
and people will
always think you’re
being more profound
than you are, like me,
sitting here,
having my morning
smoke, on the balcony,
sipping instant coffee,
and thinking my
in the rain.



Copyright 2017 by Sean Rima.


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