TREY’s Take: Family Times Are The Best Of Times

Nov 13, 2017

I looked across the rain-soaked field at the Human Society to see the two biggest dogs I have ever seen in my life – and they were headed in my direction.

I asked, “Who brought horses to a dog event?”

“Hey Trey, I’m Murray – and I brought the 450 pounds of Mastiffs you said you wanted.”


What a great way to start Poochamania.

I had mentioned on the show that I would love for someone to bring the biggest dogs at 11am so I could wash them.

“Preferably Mastiffs,” I said.

Murray just happened to be listening, and the next thing I knew I’m on the business end of 440 pounds of 2 English Mastiffs named Gunther and Angel.

Political expert and Smartest Man in Texas Jonathan Gurwitz, SAPD Chief McManus, and County Commissioner Kevin Wolff were my washing partners, and it took all of us to get the job done.

They were the sweetest, most easy-going, biggest, heaviest dogs I’ve ever seen. Thank you, Murray for bringing them for their bath.

I have been on-air in San Antonio more than 43 years. The vast majority of that time has been right here at KTSA, and there’s one thing I always tell people who are not from San Antonio when they ask me about our listeners.

We don’t have any.

We have family.

The relationship between KTSA and our listeners is the most unique in the USA.┬áIt’s way beyond just content producers and consumers. I really believe we belong to the same family.

I mean it.

So thanks Murray, and everyone else who brought the family dogs out to Poochamnaia Saturday.

We had a great time with our – – Family.



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