Abbott: Bexar County could be past coronavirus peak, executive order on reopening businesses coming

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Gov. Greg Abbott reports 221 COVID-19-related deaths in Texas, and 11,449 coronavirus cases in Texas.

The number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 is about 10 percent of the total who have been tested.

In his Friday briefing, the governor also reported that more than 1,366 people have recovered from  COVID-19.

Using charts, he explained the growth rate of cases in some of the larger counties in Texas.  Those charts painted a bit of an optimistic picture in Bexar County.

” The latter part of March, you see a sharp incline.  Now you’re beginning to see the slope of that line begin to level off a little bit,” said Abbott.  “That shows that the growth rate (of COVID-19 cases) is far smaller than it was in the past.”

While it’s too early to say for sure, the governor predicts that Bexar County “will be past the peak on a downward trend with regard to the number of people testing positive.”

He also plans to issue an executive order next week aimed at starting to get the economy back on track.

“Next week, I will be providing an executive order talking about what will be done in Texas about reopening businesses,” he said .  He’ll look toward the federal government for guidance on that.

Abbot reports the hospital bed capacity in Texas is “very strong” with more than 20,488 beds available and 2,248 ICU beds available.   He also said there are 7,834 ventilators available statewide.






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