25 Attorneys General support Ken Paxton and Texas on border

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — In response to a letter signed by the attorneys general of 25 states, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton offers thanks for commending Texas’s dedication to securing the border and exercising her right of self-defense. The letter, also signed by the Arizona Senate President and Arizona House Speaker, highlighted the work by Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Paxton to hold the line while the Biden Administration actively incentivizes and encourages crisis-level illegal immigration.

“I want to thank my colleagues from across the country for their support as Texas does the job that Biden refuses to do,” said Attorney General Paxton. “The invasion, encouraged by Biden’s refusal to follow federal statutory law, is the biggest threat facing this country. Texas will continue doing everything in her power to close the border and protect America.”

Attorney General Paxton has led the nation’s legal effort to stop the Biden Administration’s repeated violations of federal law. Additionally, he has rejected the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s baseless “cease and desist” requests demanding Texas surrender Shelby Park and reopen illegal entry points for aliens to access.

The letter signed by the coalition of attorneys general addresses President Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas, noting: “What you should do is simple: enforce the law and protect the border. And despite some recent suggestions that you should nationalize control of the Texas National Guard as a ruse, we would like to remind you that you cannot do so without legal authority that you currently lack. If you cannot bring yourselves to enforce the law, get out of the way so Texas can.”

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