3 teens charged with “terroristic threats” after TikTok challenge

Three Kentucky teens were charged with terroristic threatening after participating in a TikTok challenge, Oldham County Police said in a news statement on Friday.

Investigators said that three separate incidents at Oldham County High School on Aug. 14, 15, and 17 were related to the TikTok challenge, which encourages students to record a video of themselves telling a teacher there was a bomb or gun in their backpack as a “joke.”

Two 15-year-olds were charged with terroristic threatening in the second degree, police said, and one 15-year-old was charged with terroristic threatening in the third degree. Because the teens are minors, their names and any further identifying details weren’t released by the police.

Oldham County Schools sent out a warning the previous week saying in a letter to families students will face “serious consequences,” if they participate in the TikTok challenge, reported Louisville CBS affiliate WLKY.

Authorities have warned parents and children about numerous TikTok challenges in the past years, including ones in which chewing gum contained the same ingredient as pepper spray, pranksters who kick in doors, and car thefts.

In recent months lawmakers, school districts, states, and the Federal government have reacted by banning or limiting TikTok. In April Montana became the first state to ban the app.

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