ATLANTA (AP) — Four people are dead, including a police officer, after officers responded to a domestic disturbance call Tuesday in Clayton County, south of metro Atlanta.

According to WSB-TV, Field Training Officer Henry Laxson was fatally shot, along with two women and the suspected shooter, Clayton County police said.

A child and another officer were also shot, Clayton County Police Chief Kevin Roberts said.

The child is in critical but stable condition. The officer, identified as Alex Chandler, is expected to survive.

Police said on Tuesday night they were called to a domestic disturbance. It was not immediately clear exactly where the shooting had taken place.

Police received another call about a child shot at a second location. By the time officers arrived, they found the child and one of the women in the yard. They said that while they were trying to render aid, someone started firing on the officers from an unknown location.

The suspect was killed during the exchange of gunfire with officers.

Police did not identify the victims or the shooter.

Laxson is the third north Georgia police officer killed in the line of duty since November, WSB-TV reports.

Henry County Officer Paramhans Desai was shot as he attempted to make an arrest on Nov. 5. He died from his injuries days later.

Jackson County Deputy Lena Marshall was also shot at a separate call on Nov. 5 when she responded to a domestic incident. She died from her injuries on Nov. 8.

Dozens of Clayton County police officers were currently lining the streets near Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

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