5,000 UAW members go on strike at Arlington Assembly Plant

(CBS DETROIT) – The UAW has expanded its strike again, and called 5,000 members at one of General Motors’ most profitable plants to join the strike. 

UAW members at the Arlington Assembly Plant in Texas joined the strike on Tuesday, Oct. 24.

This comes hours after GM announced a quarterly profit of more than $3 billion. The earnings are down 7% from last year due to the UAW strike and increased warranty costs.

“Another record quarter, another record year. As we’ve said for months: record profits equal record contracts,” said UAW President Shawn Fain. “It’s time GM workers, and the whole working class, get their fair share.”

According to the UAW, despite having record earnings, GM’s offer is behind Ford’s offer and includes, “a two-tier wage progression, the weakest 401(k) contribution offer on the table, a deficient COLA and other shortcomings.”

GM responded to the walkout with the following statement:

“We are disappointed by the escalation of this unnecessary and irresponsible strike. It is harming our team members who are sacrificing their livelihoods and having negative ripple effects on our dealers, suppliers, and the communities that rely on us.

Last week, we provided a comprehensive offer to the UAW that increased the already substantial and historic offers we have made by approximately 25% in total value.

It is time for us to finish this process, get our team members back to work and get on with the business of making GM the company that will win and provide great jobs in the U.S. for our people for decades to come.”

The walkout at the Arlington Assembly plant brings the total number of members striking against Ford, General Motors and Stellantis to 45,000.

This comes after 6,800 UAW members were called to strike at Stellantis’ Sterling Heights Assembly plant yesterday, Monday, Oct. 23.

As the strike against the Big Three reaches its sixth week, layoffs continue at the Detroit automakers. Ford recently laid of 67 more employees at the Sterling Axle Plant. This brings the total number of employees laid of at this plant to 485.

The Anderson Economic Group LLC. also released its latest figures, estimating that economic losses have surpassed $9.3 million.

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