I was six years old in April 1970, and my parents announced that we were going out for a special family movie night.  We LOVED movie night at the drive-in because it usually meant junk food, soft drinks, ice cream, more junk food, and play time for us kids while mom and dad watched the movie.  We never asked what was showing.  We didn’t care as long as we had a few nickels for… you got it – junk food.
Dad wheeled mom’s 1970 blue Ford Torino tank into a slot directly in front of the screen and set the window at the just right height for the speaker and food service tray.  My brother got out of the car and headed for the playground under the screen while my sister played with a few toys in the back seat.  I was seated between my parents on the long front bench seat waiting for dad to stuff a handful of popcorn in my mouth when I heard the bugle call.  I froze – eyes wide and staring at the screen.
What followed was six minutes that forever changed my life.
Even now, 46 years later, I can’t watch this speech without chills.  Without an overwhelming sense of respect for the men who gave their lives for our freedoms.  Without a desire rising up in me to always do my best, and leave everything on the field.  Without a sense of duty to my country to work everyday to make it a better place for everyone who really loves her.
It saddens me that we live at a time when the pc crowd doesn’t get it.  They are doing it all opposite of what was so brilliantly relayed in this six minutes.   Could the men of the greatest generation ever foresee a time when the President of the US would say he’s “not comfortable” with the term “winning a war” being applied to the United States?  God help us.
Today President Obama announced the deployment of 250 more US troops to Syria.  They will go and do their duty with honor and distinction.  They always do.  Please join Nancy and me in prayer for our fighting men and women and their families.  They are the backbone of our great nation.
As for me, I am grateful that I didn’t join the other kids on the swing set that night.  Sure I missed out on the cotton candy, but what I gained was 6 minutes that forever changed my life.


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