TREY’s TAKE: This Is Probably Going To Tick Off Some Cowboy Fans

While thinking about something OTP (Other Than Politics) to write about, I decided to bring the subject round back home to the Dallas Cowboys.

You remember them, don’t cha? They were America’s Team until they were taken over by that Yankee from Arkansas, Jerry Jones. He did okay winning several Super Bowls with Aikman, Irving, and Smith. But lately, Cowboys fans have loved to hate Jerrah.

Is that about to change?

Rookie sensation Dak Prescott has been a phenom. Under his leadership, the Cowboys have won five in-a-row, are 5-1, and lead their division.

Prescott’s most impressive game so far was yesterday against the Green Bay Packers.

As everyone who knows NFL ball knows Lambeau Field is the most difficult place for a visiting team. The Packer fan base is made up of tough, gruff, blue-collar men and women who play every play with their team. Green Bay has great fans and great support.

So no one expected a rookie QB in the NFL to go into Lambeau and come out with a win. A convincing win at that (30-16).

True, the Packers weren’t at their best yesterday, but that’s all part of the game. It certainly doesn’t mean, as some are saying, the Cowboys didn’t play well, and the only reason they won was because Aaron Rodgers had an “off” day.

The Cowboys indeed played well in almost every aspect of the game.

Prescott was 18 of 27 and threw for 3 TDs. Yes, he threw his first interception of his career, but that was after breaking Tom Brady’s record of 162 passes without an pick. Dak’s number of 176 will be hard to beat.

His O line gave him the protection, and the secondary was almost perfect.

Prescott keeps checking off boxes.

Yes, Dallas has a QB controversy and No Tony Romo should not be traded.

The Cowboys have great momentum and as Troy A. said during the broadcast yesterday, momentum is hard to come by. Ride it until it runs out.

Keep Prescott on 1st team and keep Tony ready. The time will come when the Cowboys will need him again.

That time isn’t right now.



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