Abandoned Cat Rescued from Stoplight Pole

By Pilar Arias

A kitten stuck in a stoplight pole for three days has been rescued and renamed.

“Floyd,” as he is now called, somehow found himself abandoned near the busy intersection of Floyd Curl and Medical drives on Memorial Day.

Scared and alone, Animal Care Services’ Lisa Norwood said the grey tabby somehow ended up crawling underneath the concrete lip of a traffic pole, where he remained throughout recent thunderstorms, occasionally letting out meows to pedestrians.

“All the days that we had been working with various kinds of cat food just wasn’t doing it so we had to come up with another system,” Norwood said about getting the cat out. ACS had to team up with the city’s Transportation and Capital Improvements Department to successfully rescue the kitten using an improvised rope system.

“Care for your pets. Pets are forever. Spay and neuter the companion animals that you already have,” Norwood said. Animal abandonment is illegal.

As soon as Floyd starts feeling better and eating more he will be entered into a foster program so he can hopefully find his forever home.



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