Abbott Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign in S.A.

By Don Morgan and Bill O’Neil

It’s official–Governor Greg Abbott uses a stop at San Antonio’s Sunset Station to kick off his campaign for a second term.

“Thank you San Antonio, Texas” Abbott said after being introduced to a vocal crowd of supporters by his daughter.

The Governor spent some time pointing to the accomplishments of his administration so far.

“Since I took office in just the last two and a half years in Texas we’ve added more than 450-thousand new jobs” the Governor said, adding “We are doing so well, we would have the tenth-largest economy in the entire world.”

The Governor also celebrated what he described as some big advances in the State’s schools.

“Since I took office, more students are graduating from high school… and more students are graduating from college than ever before in the State of Texas” Abbott said.

The list of accomplishments didn’t end there.

“I signed the toughest border security law of any state in the United States’ the Governor said, drawing loud cheers from his supporters.

Political watchers say Abbott’s road to a second term appears to be fairly clear at this point, with no challengers emerging so far from either the ranks of Republicans or Democrats. At one point during his speech, the Governor was interrupted by a protester–who was quickly drowned out by Abbott’s supporters.

A small group of “Sanctuary Cities” law opponents holding signs also gathered outside of Sunset Station.



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