Abortion Foes Take Aim at “Dismemberment” Procedure

It’s touted as the “top priority” bill for one group of abortion opponents in Texas ahead of the Legislative Session that officially gets underway this week in Austin.

“The dismemberment abortion itself its the type of procedure that takes the life of the child by removing its limbs” John Seago with Texas Right to Life told KTSA News.

He’s confident there will be widespread agreement on the procedure once people know what it is.

“Once most Texans see what this procedure is, we believe there will be large consensus that this is a specifically torturous and inhumane procedure” Seago said.

He’s also confident the bill could survive legal challenges. It is in many ways specifically written to appeal to United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Kennedy is not known to be a friend on the Bench to the pro-life movement–but has drawn some very clear lines in the past–especially in a ruling issued by the High Court ten years ago.

“He ruled in favor of a pro-life bill because the procedure they were looking at was so gruesome, and so violent–there had to be alternatives” Seago said.

A number of other states already have similar bans on the books–and several more are expected to discuss similar measures in the months ahead.



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