SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Remember the trapper who caught a 411-pound feral hog at Gateway Hills Golf Course in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago? Wyatt Walton with Lone Star Trapping was back in town this week and hauled off about 20 more feral hogs from a neighborhood in the far West Side.

More homes are being built in the Stillwater Ranch subdivision near large, wooded areas where the feral hogs live. They’ve been tearing up the landscaping and some parents fear they could attack their children and pets.

Feral Hog Trapper/Stillwater Ranch Subdivision/KTSA-Elizabeth Ruiz

“I’ve seen big old pigs over there, mamas and sows. “I’m sure they’re protective, so if a little kid goes over there, that’s going to be a problem,” Jacob Smith told KTSA News.

A woman who has lived in the subdivision for awhile told KTSA News she keeps a close watch on her dog when the feral hogs come around.

“You can hear them huffing on the other side of our fence on the greenbelt side, and that’s when we know to bring our dog in,” she said. “They destroyed our neighbor’s yard and they got into our yard a little bit.”

Walton put some feed in a trap that can be operated remotely with a cell phone.

“I had this group (of feral hogs) conditioned. It took about three weeks to get this group used to the pen where they would come in here together,” he said.

He figured out they would come in about 1:30 in the morning, so he watched from a remote location, and when they all entered the pen early Wednesday, he used his cell phone to close the gate.

“From the house, I shut the gate on them and here we are this morning–the reward,” he told KTSA News.

He proceeded to load the hogs into his trailer near the Stillwater Ranch Amenity Center, which is still under construction.  The group included some piglets, and Walton says a few of them weighed as much as 200 pounds.   He was hauling them to a processing plant, where “hopefully, they’ll feed a hungry family.”

Before his stop at Stillwater Ranch, Walton picked up some feral hogs at an undisclosed Joint Base San Antonio location.

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