ACA Impacting TX Uninsured Kids

Obamacare backers call it another sign of the healthcare law’s success.

New research shows the number of uninsured Hispanic children is falling in Texas–and around the United States. Researcher Sonya Schwartz at the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families said it’s an important trend to set.

“We know that Latino children are the fastest-growing segment of the entire population. They’re growing from one in four children today–to one in three children by 2050” Schwartz said.

By the numbers, the study shows the number of uninsured Hispanic kids fell by 15% in the United States between 2013 and 2014–and by 9% in Texas over the same period of time.

“Unfortunately, Texas continues to have the distinction of having the highest number of uninsured Hispanic children of any other state” said Dr. Laura Guerra-Cardus with the Children’s Defense Fund of Texas. She said her group will continue to work to enroll uninsured children in coverage under the Affordable Care Act.



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