SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The former police chief in Austin, Houston, and now Miami spoke about his dismissal for the first time Monday.

“[It’s] a pretty embarrassing episode in a 35-year career,” Acevedo described his firing to NBC News.

The Miami City Council voted to remove Acevedo from the post just six months after the Florida city wooed him away from Houston.

The firing came after he said the police force was run by “the Cuban mafia.”

He was asked if he regretted using that line.

“Yes, because it was used for political gain by some,” the former police chief replied.  “But also I do believe that members of the exile community, some of them — I’m part of that exile community — that it was hurtful to them.”

Acevedo agreed to some words used to describe him by others like “outspoken”, “brash”, and “grand stander”.

He said one of his biggest mistakes was not doing his homework before agreeing to take the job in Miami.

It’s not clear what he plans to do next.

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