SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – A street mural in front of the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Laredo sends a message to Washington, DC– “Defund the Wall.”  About a hundred volunteers painted the bright yellow mural that’s 450 feet long and 30 feet wide last weekend, calling on the government to redirect millions of dollars that have been allocated for the wall in Laredo to schools, healthcare and affordable housing.

“We live here.  We know what’s best for our community and we don’t need a wall,” read a statement from the No Border Wall Coalition.

The width of the “Defund the Wall” street mural letters, 30 feet, represents the height of the proposed wall.  The yellow rose that’s woven through the “Fund our Future” letters represents the state of Texas, and the mural is on Victoria Street, which is the Spanish word for “victory.”  The Laredo City Council last month approved the project, which is funded by donations.

Public artist Tony  Briones III described the mural as “a message of love for our community. When the government tries to silence the people, art is what gives people a voice and powerful platform to speak truth to power.”

The No Border Wall Coalition says the street mural sends a message that the community is rising up to protect the city and defend the Rio Grande.

“The wall is not a done deal.  The administration is trying to rush to make it happen before the election for obvious political reasons, but it didn’t expect so much resistance,” said Maxine Rebeles, a military veteran and public school teacher. “It’s a high stakes poker game and the people are the ones who hold the aces.”


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