Activists threaten to protest outside city council members’ homes

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Chants of “Black Lives Matter” and “No racist police” echoed through the Norma Rodriguez City Council Chambers Thursday as activists called for police reform.

They spoke out against the San Antonio Police Officers Association contract, police brutality and racism.  Several urged council members to slash the police department’s budget and divert funds to social services.

Former San Antonio City Councilman Mario Salas demanded action now, and he signaled possible demonstrations in front of city council members’ homes.

“That’s probably going to happen in front of your house on a public sidewalk, so watch out if you don’t do the right thing,” said Salas.

Pharoah Clark said not even COVID-19 will stop the protests.

“We will not stop.  We will not tire, and we’re damn sure not going home because of no COVID-19,” said Clark.  “We’re damn sure not going to hold our protests under a hundred people and I guarantee you, we will start to mobilize in your neighborhood.”

Pharoah Clark calls for police reform at city council meeting June 25, 2020/Screen grab from COSA video.

Clark called out Clayton Perry because he was the only councilman who did not take a knee or raise a fist when one of the Black Lives Matter activists called for a show of solidarity during a moment of silence to remember Black men killed by San Antonio police.

City Council delayed action on a resolution outlining their priorities related to the police union’s collective bargaining agreement.  It’s been pushed back to August.


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