Actress claims it’s because of Trump that women are coming forward…

Wow. I don’t know much about actress Amber Tamblyn, other than she played the nerdy chick on “House M.D.” and she married comedian David Cross. Beyond these two things, I suspect she could be an idiot.

According to Amber, it’s because of Trump’s election that women are finally coming forward with their lurid tales of sexual assault at the well-manicured hands of Harvey Weinstein, Ben Afleck, and dozens of other powerful men from within the Hollywood community. Her reasoning is that because Trump is such a misogynist abuser, women have said, “I’m DONE,” and are now finding the courage within themselves to reveal their abusers. Moreover, if Hillary had been elected, none of this would have happened, and Harvey would still be about the business of trapping young starlets in his hotel room like the fat toad that he is.


In other words, the election of a woman-hater is what inspired women to stand up for themselves, whereas the election of the first woman president would have kept them in the shadows…

Because that makes sense.

Here’s what I’m thinking, Amber:

I believe powerful men within the film and television industry (as well as within the political world) have been harassing and abusing women for decades. I believe the women who wouldn’t put up with it were destroyed professionally and drummed out of the industry. I believe some women put up with it and endured it because their desire for fame and wealth overruled their concern for themselves or other women. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, everyone’s running for cover like cockroaches scurrying under the fridge.

Ultimately, it’s called karma, Amber.

And when the Hollywood swamp is finally drained beneath the weight of its own hedonism, perhaps we’ll see the emergence of a new Hollywood, where dedicated artists worry more about making great film rather than sanctimoniously preaching to the rest of the country about morality and civility.

After all, that’s kind of like Caligula teaching Sunday School.

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s




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