I posted this incredible video of a man named Brandon Tsai who hand-to-hand fought the Monterey Park killer and kept him from carrying out a second attack.

It’s real. Not a movie. He’s a real hero, not a “sports hero”.

How about we stop the trite tradition of inviting winning sports teams to the White House, or throwing them parades? I love sports, but winning is its own reward (and payday, obviously). No pitcher or quarterback goes unappreciated, ever.

The presidential ceremonies, the parades, the lavishing of attention, should go to Brandon and people like him.

We used to do it this way.  Soldiers. Astronauts. Explorers. It was a good practice, to uphold behavior that society wants and needs more of. To spread the word on otherwise unknown acts of heroism.

Instead of just stroking already famous people, who are already well-compensated and lauded.

Let’s Go, Brandon!

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