The Alamo Long Barrack reopens to the public today

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A 300-year-old building at the Alamo is reopening today.

The Alamo Long Barrack, one of the oldest buildings in Texas, was closed in 2019 so the Alamo’s preservation team could ensure the structure stays standing for many years to come.

“The Long Barrack is one of the two surviving structures we have from the original mission era,” Alamo Conservator Pamela Jary Rosser said. “This preservation work could not have occurred without closing the Long Barrack. We performed assessments of the condition of the walls above and below grade, and used state-of-the-art technology during our investigations. With the data we have now, a long-term preservation plan for this historic building is currently underway.”

Alamo visitors at the Long Barrack will learn about the people who lived in the Mission and the preservation efforts to keep the building standing over the last three centuries.

Officials said a new archaeological exhibit will open in early 2022 that will teach visitors what an archaeological unit is, the stratigraphy and features that were encountered, and the foundation of the building.

“We are thrilled that visitors will once again be able to learn about the 1836 battle inside the Long Barrack,” Alamo Trust Executive Director Kate Rogers said. “The Long Barrack is one of the most important historical artifacts in Texas, along with the Alamo Church — experiencing it in-person is a must for all Texans.”

The Alamo Long Barrack is free to visit.

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