Alamo Plaza attractions close permanently, renovations begin for new museum and visitors center

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — As the Labor Day weekend came to an end, a few businesses located at Alamo Plaza closed their doors for the final time.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, the Guinness World Records Museum and Tomb Rider, will not longer be operating as they make way for the new Alamo Visitor Center and Museum.

The attractions, which have been operating across the street from the Shrine of Texas Liberty for 20 years, will not be reopening in new locations.

The businesses, owned by Phillips Entertainment, employed about 150 people. Some will be placed in new positions with the company while the rest will have to find new jobs.

The Texas General Land Office and Alamo Trust bought out the leases for the companies which had been located in three buildings.

They will all be renovated in order to serve as the home of the visitors center, which will open in 2026.

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