The Alternate Universe of “Mourning” Fidel Castro

Spare me your eulogies and tributes to “Fidelito”.

All you need to know about his decades-long reign of error can be seen in the influx of Cuban immigrants who fled to Florida, New York and Texas.

Imagine a Cuba where the best and brightest had stayed and built a thriving society, instead of leaving and building that thriving society…here. Look at who came here, and all they accomplished, and you begin to get an idea of what Cuba lost out on.

When I think of the late Fidel Castro, which isn’t often, I think not of the frail 90-year old who’s become a Yoda-like figure to the intelligentsia in this country. Rather I think of the arrogant bastard who killed, imprisoned and repressed his people, especially the producers, the educated, the artists, the religious, and anyone who represented a threat to him.

But let’s worry about Trump, right?

Castro took a poor nation under a corrupt regime, and made it poorer under an even more corrupt regime.

If you invented this despot as a fictional character, people would say you went overboard, that it was like a caricature rather than a real person.

He was real.

Good luck to you in Castroite Cuba if you owned something. Or if you created something. Or if you were gay. Or if you raised a voice of opposition.

No rights. Lots of firing squads. What is it with some on the American left, and dictators with firing squads? They never met one they didn’t like.

The Washington Post is calling him a “spritural beacon”. Sounds like the Pope, but the Post would never give any pope that lofty a compliment.

Now, when I see someone walking around in a Fidel or Che t-shirt, it’s like wearing a “I’m Stupid” sign.

Do you have any idea how many people died by the bullet, of starvation, or in rotten jail cells, under this maniac? No, you don’t, because Castro lived a long, prosperous life and kept the state in the family. He won in the end, while his nation lost.

He flew first class while his people suffered Third World.

The best food, drink, accomodations and health-care were at his beck and call. Communists sure know how to take care of their “one-percenters”, don’t they?

In short, he lived to 90, and escaped justice, sitting around in his track suits like someone in an AARP commercial.

You have to be willfully ignorant to NOT know the history of this hypocritical tyrant. You have no excuse for not knowing it. Or do you know, but just don’t care?

In that case, enjoy your shirt, loser, and spare me the crocodile tears.



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