American Airlines Rolling Out New “Economy” Fares

American Airlines is setting itself up for some direct competition with those so-called “discount carriers.”

The Dallas-Fort Worth based airline will soon roll out what it’s describing as a “new basic economy fare.”

“This is to compete with the lowest cost carriers like Spirit and Frontier–who are winning the battle of the lowest fares”’s Co-Founder Billy Sanez told KTSA News.

“What American is doing–and actually, Delta and United have announced very similar programs–is doing the same type of ticket so those bargain hunters can actually find those cheapest fares” Sanez said.

American’s new basic economy fare gives you the lowest price on a ticket–with the seat assigned at the time you check in. That fare also allows you to bring one item aboard–which must be able to fit under your seat.

“People are looking for the best price possible. They’re looking for a cheap flight, and the fastest way to get there as more and more of us are flying” Sanez said.

American will roll out those new fares in ten select markets in February.



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