An Ever Present Help in Trouble

As I am getting ready for the radio show this afternoon (at 4:07 PM CT), we are getting word of many people shot, or injured,  at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade.

Details are early, but I wanted to share a thought with you.

This was a moment of celebration and happiness that quickly became the worst moment in someone’s life.

A day that has turned out very, very differently from what parade attendees and football fans expected.

It seems like our world is spinning out of control. Evil rising up in every innocent place.

I was thinking recently of the story of a young man from Ireland named Joseph, who was deeply in love with a young woman. She had accepted his proposal of marriage. Just before the wedding date, she drowned.

In his despair, he was what we now call “born-again” in Christ. From his experience, he wrote a song.

We still sing that song in churches and religious meetings all over the world: “What A Friend We Have in Jesus” by Joseph Scriven.

I have to constantly remind myself that there is a limit to how much “sense” I can make out of the daily events of my life, and the daily news items we talk about on the radio show. No matter the plans I make, bewildering things happen. No matter how much I “prep” every day for the show, the direction things take and the unexpected, tragic turns are just too much for us.

We simply need something more than our earthly plans and schemes, when the sunlight turns suddenly to darkness, as it did for Joseph Scriven, and for some people in Kansas City, or in that Austin hospital waiting room yesterday, when a car crashed into dozens of people.

Maybe you’re personally facing something sorrowful right now: bills you can’t catch up to, bad health, troubles with a child or spouse,

There are always people with advice—and some of it may be good. When tragedy strikes, there will always be politicians with proposals. Beware of those.

Rather that trust them, trust the friend who is, as Psalm 46 says, is “refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble”.

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