And Kimmel Wept…

Jimmy Kimmel wept during his opening monologue last night. His hometown is Las Vegas. I get it.

This was, of course, the second time Jimmy has wept on his show. It was also the second time that he called for government to solve a problem that government cannot solve. And the second time that he injected himself into a national issue that he, personally, will never have to deal with. He can afford to purchase whatever health care his family needs, and his personal security team gets to be the guys holding the guns. For rich-white-people-hating liberal pukes, it is odd how much they defer to the opinions of rich, white folks within their own ranks…

Certainly, it is sad, tragic, shocking, and mystifying as to why 59 people had to die Sunday night in Las Vegas. Given the weirdly mundane history of the killer, we may never know why.

But what is equally mystifying is why Jimmy doesn’t shed any tears for all the other victims of violent crime in America…?

In the month of June alone, Chicago recorded 84 murders, bringing that city’s body count to 519 for the year thus far. Like the equally-violent towns of Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Chicago is known for its restrictive gun laws, the same kinds of “common sense” gun laws that dudes like Kimmel would like to see enacted at the federal level. And yet those laws don’t appear to be working.

Jimmy, like a lot of Progressive Idiots, refuses to face the truth (or is ignorant of it) that the real causes of gun violence in America don’t involve rednecks and the NRA, but rather drugs, gangs, poverty, broken homes, hopelessness, and a hell of a lot of shitty public schools in shitty inner-city neighborhoods, which, observably, are located in towns that have been governed by liberal policies for decades.

Naw. Much easier for rich, white guys to blame other rich, white guys, and especially those who either voted for Trump, or listen to country music, or both.

And that should really make you cry.

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s





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