Angels are real.

Angels are real.

They just don’t always have wings & a harp.

Been stressed & depressed lately, with the hernia-thing and my mom’s situation, and was feeling pretty heavy and dark going into work today.

And then, after the show, Jesse showed up.

Jesse is a retired firefighter, who lost his mom a few years back. Jesse’s mom collected penguin figurines, and he heard me on the radio talking about how Siria and I call each other “penguin,” because penguins mate for life.

And so Jesse gifted Siria and I with his mother’s collection of gorgeous penguin figurines, keeping only one for himself. He met James and me in the KTSA parking lot, after the gig, in the freezing rain, to pass his mother’s precious penguins on to Siria and me…

…and that made all the difference in the world, on a dark & cold & stressful day, when I was a little too lost inside myself, and my silly, stressful worries.

You see, his mother’s penguins reminded me how blessed I am–for my wife, my kids, my friends, and my mom, for as long as she is with us. And the penguins also reminded me how cool & simple life truly is, just waking up to another day in God’s beautiful world, something I let myself lose sight of since leaving the hospital almost a year ago.

Thank you for that, Jesse.

We’ll take good care of your mother’s beautiful penguins. They will live in a place of honor in our home.

And thank you, God, for Jesse, for your angels here on Earth, and your crazy-perfect sense of timing…

Jesus loves you,

rev s


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