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Annalisa Brockhouse explains police report accusing husband of domestic violence

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – The wife of former city councilman Greg Brockhouse says her husband has never assaulted her.

Annalisa Brockhouse told KSAT-TV that she was going through postpartum depression in 2009 when she filed a police report accusing her husband of domestic violence. She claims Greg left their home after an argument over breast milk.

“I was standing the middle of this vortex of postpartum depression. I threatened to call police and he said ‘You should,’ and that was it for me,” said Annalisa, who did the television interview with her husband by her side.

According to the police report that was brought to light by the Express News, Annalisa told an officer that her husband had been drinking a lot after losing his job. She told the officer that Brockhouse grabbed her and threw her on the ground and got on top of her.

The report has been expunged, but it haunted Greg Brockhouse during his recent unsuccessful run for mayor. During the campaign, he denied the allegations and said there were inaccuracies in the police report, such as his height and the color of his eyes. He also told KTSA’s Trey Ware that his wife wanted to speak out, but he wanted to protect her.

“I will never ever sacrifice my family to win an election and I think I proved that to my wife,” Greg Brockhouse told Spriester.

Annalisa says she doesn’t think speaking out earlier would have helped her husband’s campaign.

“I wasn’t going to make anybody happy. They wanted a story that wasn’t true,” she told KSAT-TV.

Why is she speaking out now?

“This was my initiative. I needed to tell the truth. I needed to tell my story. We have nothing to gain or lose here,” Annalisa said.

She said there has never been an incident of domestic violence in their relationship.

“That has never been a part of our marriage, our family life, ever,” she said.

You can see the entire KSAT-TV interview here.


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