SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Texas public schools will have an annual week of Holocaust-related education and it starts with the next school year.

Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill to create the Holocaust remembrance week. It was sponsored by San Antonio state Senator Jose Menendez.

He says it was brought to him by four San Antonio women.  They had concerns about the number of students who are unaware of the Holocaust, and the rise in anti-Semitic events in the United States.

The Senator sent out a statement, thanking those who worked to create the new law.

“Appreciative of everyone who helped with Senate Bill 1828 creating Holocaust Remembrance Week in public schools. We need to be sure that this horrible part of history is not forgotten or questioned by future generations, and that they are learning from the lessons taught by the generations who have come before them. Thank you to my colleagues in both the House and Senate who voted unanimously in favor of this bill. I would especially like to thank Governor Greg Abbott for his support and efforts to ensure that we teach our youth compassion and encourage them to uphold human value,”

Almost a dozen other states have similar historical requirements.

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