Another Day, Another Crazy Podesta Email Obsessing on Catholics

In case you don’t recognize him, the man in the picture is the deluded follower of a middle-ages dictatorship of  gender inequality.

As I read more leaked emails from Podesta and his merry band of would-be plotters against American Catholicism, I just have to say…

It sure would be nice if someone in American politics stood up for us Catholics the way too-many-to-count Democrats and Republicans lecture us at every perceived slight to Moslems.

Please don’t misunderstand: this ain’t Jack hatin’ on Moslems. Some of my best friends–no, really. They are.

I just find it…funny…that we have prominent Catholics scattered like spring bluebonnets all through both parties, federal, state, local, and yet you could assemble the elected Moslems in a photo booth at Walmart.

I know, I know, their paucity is why we can’t let them be marginalized. OK, got it. But where are the people to tell Podesta where he can stick his “Catholic spring”? Why is a leading political associate of our current Catholic vice president, and our possible next one, speculating about how to foment religious upheaval, and not being told to cut the “malarkey”?

“There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in > which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and > the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the > Catholic church.”

In case you missed it, I dealt with the “respect for gender” malarkey here.

Take it away, blogger (and Catholic) Ed Morrissey:

“Thus, the call for a “Catholic spring” is nonsense on stilts, and highly insulting, especially given its obvious reference to the popular uprisings against brutal Arab dictators like Moammar Qaddafi and Bashar al-Assad. Rather than rebuke Newman for this, though, Podesta assures her he’s working to undermine church leadership on doctrine and practice with his organizing efforts in the US. That’s certainly a clarifying position when it comes to pronouncements from Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United, but probably not terribly surprising either. Say, how does Tim Kaine feel about that?

“Perhaps even more than the first e-mail chain, this exchange demonstrates a level of hostility toward the Catholic Church as a whole, not just the “conservatives” within it. These leaders of the progressive movement clearly see the Catholic Church as a threat to their political position. It’s time for Catholics to see progressive activists in that light as well.”

Some are seeking apologies or firings. Not sure you’ve been paying attention to what these bumkissers call “Clinton World”, but those things aren’t going to happen.

I’m really just wondering why the top-tier people in a national political campaign are spending the time to muse about how they might “plant the seeds of a revolution” in one of America’s largest faith communities. And why Catholic Democrats aren’t putting their feet down?  And why that’s acceptable, not “Catholicophobia”? Or “profiling”?

Don’t they have an election to win?

Or, is this how they think they will win it?



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