You would think that after 2016, the know-it-alls would be a little more humble.

But I still hear people, more than 20 months before the 2020 election, ranking and rating the chances of each new candidate for president. Truthfully, the talking heads have no idea how this ends up. We still don’t know all the candidates, or how many. Trump’s running, for sure, right? I mean, he’s always predictable.

The newest: this morning, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is getting into the race.

The senator’s not my cup of tea, politically or personally. He beclowned himself at the Kavanaugh hearing, with his “Spartacus moment” and overheated theatrics. And grown men with imaginary friends (try Googling Booker and “T-Bone”)…c’mon, man!

Remember though: big, crowded field of candidates, plus the just-add-water instant fame of our social media era, and for good measure, keep in mind all the conventional wisdom a certain New York billionaire left in ruins.

Running for president in the second decade of the 21st century isn’t just a jump ball. It’s a Hail Mary-pass to the end zone with no time on the clock and the game on the line.

In 2020, anyone—ANYONE—can come down with the ball.

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