Are Guns Having Sex?

And if so, why aren’t we teaching kindergartners about it?

But, seriously, today’s “You Can’t Make Up Stuff Like This” story is people freaking out over a 2A hoodie Tweeted about by Sen. Rand Paul over the weekend. It was about a kid who got in trouble for wearing this hoodie to school.

Anti-gun bedwetters dubbed it “Guns and 69”, which was their name for it, not the name by which it is marketed.

Talk about a Rorschach test! Imagine how off-the-rails you would have to be, that you look at this and see AR-15’s doing each other? And what-abouting it in comparison to drag queen story hour?

Or are we talking about the left going on defense here? If you accuse them of “grooming” young people, which they are, and if they can’t defend it, which they can’t…then you spin up a narrative that when you take your kids to a gun show, or a range, or let them wear this hoodie, you are “gun-sexualizing” them.

Even most people on the left are not this crazy.

Still, as you will often hear me say, if we have to power our way through the temporary insanity of our times, “activism” like this turns people off and speeds up the process.

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