We’ve played clips on the show of Penn. Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for US Senate.

Fetterman had a serious stroke this spring, as he was scooping up his party’s nod. He then went silent for a while, a sort of “basement campaign”, and since emerging, there’s little question that he is seriously impaired.

It particularly shows in his (few) speaking appearances: hesitant, rambling, searching for words. It’s legitimate to wonder about his fitness for office.

But…he’s running for the Senate, not for president, or governor, or some executive role. If he were, the case would be clear—he might not be up to command-and-control. Senators vote yes or no, and give some speeches. They’re not in charge of anything. And if you’ve seen our current Senate, thank God for that.

Of all the things to oppose the far-left Fetterman on, from his toxic, faux-regular guy socialism, his lack of any apparent job or income history, his muddled opposition to basic things like voter ID or American energy—the Republican campaign is mocking him for not speaking well.

Most people don’t speak well in public, or under duress. You’ve probably heard the claim that people fear public speaking more than they fear death. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’ve seen people freeze up or go catatonic in front of a mic or an audience.

Highlighting his labored speech is more likely to garner sympathy for John Fetterman than it is to swing votes to Republican Mehmet Oz.

It’s a moronic campaign theme among several more obvious ones, about things that matter to people every day. If clear speech mattered A LOT, a lot of sitting geriatric senators and reps would already be out, instead of serving for decades.

How stupid can you get?

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